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Foldable Keyboard (Click Me)

    This is a Bluetooth keyboard for smart phone and tablets
    (also available for computer).

It uses Broadcom single chip. Bluetooth 3.0 specification supported, and works on 2.402GHz ~ 2.480GHz ISM Band.

It works with smart phone and tablets. Simply to connect your smart phone and tablets. And you can then use the many profiles provided and communicate with other Bluetooth devices without the tangle of cables. (EX: Notebook , PC)


GUBTCR41J (Click me)

The Billionton Mini USB Bluetooth dongle with CSR V2.1+EDR chipset, which improves usability through smoother multi-device scenarios, up to 3 times faster file transfer rate to emphasize Bluetooth technologies. Before Bluetooth become a standard to most consumer electronics products, the latest Billionton Bluetooth 2.1 Adapting solution is certainly the best way to enable your existing devices Bluetooth-wirelessly.

Furthermore, the Dongle installation is as easy as a “plug-in”. And the software included provides a friendly user's interface. It allows an operating range of up to 100meters. The applications for Billionton Bluetooth Ultimate USB adapter are unlimited, such as PC-to-PC file transfer, synchronization with a Palm or Pocket PC, wireless connectivity with Bluetooth enabled peripherals such as mice, keyboard, headset and printers, access to the internet or network through a Bluetooth access point, share internet access with just one ISP account, internet access over Bluetooth cell-phones… and etc.

GUBTCR41N (Click me)

   With this class 1 (up to 328 foot range) USB BluetoothR Wireless Technology adapter you will be able to connect to other BluetoothR enabled devices all without the use of wires. Connect to a BluetoothR enabled LAN, printers, PDA's, cell phones, MP3 players, you can even browse the internet and receive your email with one device.

GUBTCR42G (Click me)

This is a Bluetooth USB Dongle with class 2 output power. It uses CSR BC04 single chip Bluetooth IC and is Bluetooth v2.1+EDR specification supported, and works on 2.4GHz ISM Band.

It works with notebook and desktop PCs. Simply plug it into notebook or desktop PCs’ USB connectors; you can then use the many profiles provided and communicate with other Bluetooth devices without the tangle of cables. It will empower your information application with more mobility.

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